VitaStik Sleep - Sweet Lavender Vanilla with Dream Herb & Melatonin

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VitaStik Sleep | Inhale Aromatherapy

Dream Herb & Melatonin with Sweet Lavender Vanilla

We have combined some very subtle flavors, herbs, and essential oils, that will sooth the soul, freshen the mouth, and steady your mind, so that Dreams may follow.  Enhanced with 5mg of Melatonin and Dream Herb.  

The soft but powerful flora aromatherapy diffusers Lavender filled Essential Oil Waters mixed with Vanilla Waters designed to help mellow your soul and the air surrounding your bed so you can get a good night's sleep.  This Formula is part of our Inhalable Flower Waters Line.  Many people love this flavor, and we run small batches for customers without the Melatonin.  We round the VitaStik Natural Sleep Aide Edition off with a tiny hint of mint essential oils to freshen your breathe and help combat bad morning breath.

This is a specialized product that we do not recommend to use during your day.  We feel it is best used in the last hours of your day, or during preparation for before bed, in and around your bedroom.  If you are sharing your bed with a partner, they will also enjoy the sweet vanilla lavender waters that will fill the air with an amazing aromatherapy effect.   Remember, all VitaStik's have No Chemicals, Calories or Sugars.  They are the best Certified Organics money can buy. 


Recommended usage : 5 to 25 inhalations within an hour or less of bedtime.  Or if you wake through the night, tossing and turning, a few light inhalations may help calm your mind. 

You can also blow through the front side of the sick, without ever inhaling it, and use it like a regular essential oil diffuser.  This is the best method to instantly fill the air in a room / car, creating a soothing aromatherapy bath for you and your loved ones.

===Be Smart, Buy Direct===
All USA made VitaStik's contain roughly 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, CoQ10 & Collagen.  We further enhance each Stik with 2000% B12, which studies show to be the most stable vitamin when diffused. 


Our Flavors and Formulas are Patent Pending and Made in the USA.  They contain none of the standard ingredients you would expect to see in other similar products, such as PG, Diacetyl, Synthetic Flavor or Scent Molecules, Sugars.  They are made without any chemicals.  Our flavor Waters are made using highest grade USDA Certified Organics.  Our flavors come directly from Plants, Flowers, Fruits, their Extracts, Herbs and Essential Oils.  They are food grade and edible.  All ingredients are part of the FDA's GRAS, generally recognized as safe list. 

   Best Aromatherapy

 You find the Official VitaStik Social Media @VitaStik and you can share you favorite aromatherapy session or essential oil diffuser using the hashtag #VitaStik 

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