SpareOne Plus GSM Emergency Mobile Phone with Waterproof Pouch

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Unfortunately with disaster you never know when it's going to strike which makes it important to always be prepared just in case. The SpareOne Plus GSM Emergency Mobile Phone (850/1900 MHz) is a must-have product for every emergency preparedness kit and its slim size (5.7" long and only 0.75" thick) makes it even easier to throw in a glove box on a road trip or in a backpack while hiking or camping. It has an 850/1900 MHz GSM band which makes it suitable for use in North Central and parts of South America. *Sim card is not needed only for emergency calls.


  • Large push-button that when pressed will automatically dial emergency services to quickly put you in touch with the help
  • Can contact emergency services without an installed SIM card (only for emergency)
  • With a SIM card you can pre-program up to 9 emergency contact phone numbers into the device
  • Take advantage of geo-location and alert services that will allow others to view your exact coordinates
  • Connect phone numbers to the emergency button so that they will receive a text or email in the event the button is pushed
  • Powered by a single Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 battery that will power the phone for up to 15 years
  • Torchlight button flashing the emergency SOS distress signal to attract the attention of those within viewing range
  • Waterproof pouch included


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