Polaroid 18-Megapixel Digital Camera

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The Polaroid IE4038 Bridge Camera with 18 MP 40x optical zoom HD recording and the built-in flash is a great camera that enables you to capture all those special moments in life either as a stunning 18-megapixel picture or an amazing 720p HD video. The 18 megapixels ensure that you receive amazing detail and clarity on every image that you take so you can savor the moments forever while the 720p video allows you to record impressive videos with sound. The 40x optical zoom enables you to get closer to the action without moving an inch while the built-in flash makes this camera great for daytime or night-time shooting. The camera can detect up to 3 faces in one shot and the digital image stabilization ensures that you get a beautiful image even if you have a slight handshake. 18 megapixels 40x optical zoom 4x digital zoom 3 in. screen with TFT LCD technology Digital image stabilization Up to 30 frames per second Shutter speed of ¼ to 4 sec CMOS sensor Lens type: macro Minimum aperture: 3.1. Maximum aperture: 5.8 Minimum ISO rating 100 and maximum ISO rating 3200 Built-in flash 720p HD recording Memory card compatibility: SD SDHC and SDXC memory card formats Size : H7.5 W11.2 D6.3cm Batteries required: 4 x AA batteries not included Limited Quantity Available


  • 18 megapixels provide amazing detail and clarity of every image
  • 40x optical zoom allows you to get closer to the action without moving an inch
  • 720p HD recording allows you to record impressive videos with sound
  • Camera can detect 3 faces in one shot
  • Has digital image stabilization for shaky hands
  • SD SDHC and SDXC memory card formats
  • CMOS sensor


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