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Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium Graveolens) has stimulating and regenerating properties making this essential oil wonderful as a body skincare product for all skin types. Geranium bourbon essential oil is very useful for normalizing excessively dry or oily skin. It is balancing and stabilizing to both mind and body. The balancing and emotionally harmonizing properties of geranium bourbon essential oil make it an excellent women's oil, especially during menstruation and the menopause. It has a powerful, sweet and floral aroma with a fruity undertone. 

Uses: It is used in treatment of menstruation cramps. This oil is used in body lotions to avoid skin dryness


Countries where it's found

Geranium was originally indigenous to the southern part of Africa but due to globalization it is used widely in Egypt, Russia, Congo and Japan. The largest producers, which produce this essential oil, are Reunion and Russia.

History of the Plant

Since olden time's geranium were grown to keep the wicked spirits away. The people from early Africa used it for making the digestion system proper and to stop the internal bleeding. It was also seen that this plant seed can fight with cancer and could repair the loss of bones too; its healing evidences were also recorded. It is recorded to be brought into Europe in the seventeenth century, as fresh leaves of the plant were kept to make the table look lush green and fresh. Originally it was indigenous to South Africa.

Harvesting Information

Sow geranium seeds (from which geranium essential oil extracted) are grown in spring season. Generally the seed coats don't allow the absorption of the water or moisture, so knife is used to nickel it and then germination can be increased. Pots which are already filled with compost are used to grow the plant stems at the ending time of summer. Then stems are cut from the original plants to grow them separately. It is dipped in organic rooting gel and ample water these plants are kept in the windowsills or wherever the even temperature is available.

Extraction Process

For the extraction of essential oil from the geranium plant, the steam distillation method is used as used in the extraction of most of the essential oil. Even though this plant has near about 700 genus but only few can produce oil, so a complete knowledge of species is important.

Commonly known Benefits

Outwardly this essential oil is added to carrier oil to remove the marks and scars, stretch marks (post pregnancy marks on the stomach, or the marks which you get after losing weight).

As a female if you are suffering from incessant menstruation cramps then geranium oil can be mixed with carrier oils to get relief from this pain, for this massage should be done outwardly on the tummy.

It also revitalizes the skin cells and also relaxes your body. It can work as stimuli and can be helpful in inclining sensuality.

Geranium essential oil is diuretic so is a good aid to remove excess water from the body. It is a good astringent too but prohibited for a pregnant woman.

It can be used in body lotions to control the oil and dryness of the skin.

It relieves anxiety and hinders overemotional feelings.

This essential oil plays a vital role in aromatherapy as it balances mind and emotions, it balances hormones and stops hormonal imbalance too. 

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