Women's Double-Belt Sports Waist Trainer (Custom Logo)


Color: Black
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Custom Logo Notice:
To just order the product without customization, choose only "Basic Product" when placing an order for this item.
To customize this item, for every 40 "Basic product", add one (1) "Logo Processing Fee" to the order, which is a one-time processing fee for the item. ( This means if you order 60 "Basic product" you will need to purchase two (2) "Logo Processing Fee")

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*Processing Time: Customizing this item will add 5 – 7 days of processing time to the order.
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Color: Black, Colorful, Gray, Rose red 
Pattern Type: Plain
Details: Hook & Loop
Support: High Support
Fit Type: Regular fit
Fabric: High-Stretch
Material: Neoprene, Polyester
Composition:100% Neoprene,100% Polyester
Care Instructions: Hand wash and Hang to Dry; Do Not Machine Wash, Bleach and Iron. 

Product measurements (inch):
XS: upper-waist 22.8, mid-waist 21.7, low-waist 28.3, suggested waist 24.4-26.8
S: upper-waist 24.8, mid-waist 23.6, low-waist 30.3, suggested waist 26.8-29.1
M: upper-waist 26.8, mid-waist 25.6, low-waist 32.3, suggested waist 29.1-31.5
L: upper-waist 28.7, mid-waist 27.6, low-waist 34.3, suggested waist 31.5-33.9
XL: upper-waist 30.7, mid-waist 29.5, low-waist 36.2, suggested waist 33.9-36.6
2XL: upper-waist 32.7, mid-waist 31.5, low-waist 38.2, suggested waist 36.6-39.4
3XL: upper-waist 34.6, mid-waist 33.5, low-waist 40.2, suggested waist 39.4-42.1
4XL: upper-waist 36.6, mid-waist 35.4, low-waist 42.1, suggested waist 42.1-44.9
5XL: upper-waist 38.6, mid-waist 37.4, low-waist 44.1, suggested waist 44.9-47.6
6XL: upper-waist 40.6, mid-waist 39.4, low-waist 46.1, suggested waist 47.6-50.4

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