Plus Size Lace Waist Shaping Suspender Butt Lifter

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Color: Black
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Color: Black, Beige
Pattern Type: Plain
Details: Zipper, Lace, Suspender
Support: Medium support
Fit Type: Oversized
Fabric: High-stretch
Composition:85% Spandex, 15% Polyester
Care Instructions: Hand wash and Hang to Dry; Do Not Machine Wash, Bleach and Iron.
Product measurements (inch):
S: a S, bust 31.9-33.9, zwaist 22.8-25.2, hips 33.9-35.8
M: a M, bust 33.9-37.0, zwaist 25.2-28.0, hips 35.8-39.0
L: a L, bust 37.0-40.2, zwaist 28.0-31.1, hips 39.0-40.9
XL: a XL, bust 40.2-42.1, zwaist 31.1-33.9, hips 40.9-44.1
2XL: a 2XL, bust 42.1-44.9, zwaist 33.9-37.0, hips 44.1-47.2
3XL: a 3XL, bust 44.9-48.0, zwaist 37.0-40.2, hips 47.2-50.0
4XL: a 4XL, bust 48.0-51.2, zwaist 40.2-43.3, hips 50.0-53.1
5XL: a 5XL, bust 51.2-53.1, zwaist 43.3-46.1, hips 53.1-55.9
6XL: a 6XL, bust 53.1-56.3, zwaist 46.1-49.2, hips 55.9-59.1

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