KISS MY KETO: Ketone Urine Test Strips, 200 pc

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Check your ketone levels daily and get the results in seconds (no invasive steps needed).OverviewHave you started keto and want to check if you’ve reached ketosis? Ketone Test Strips can help you check if you’re on the right track in seconds.Testing ketones in urineKeto Urine Test Strips test for ketones (acetoacetate) in urine. Our Keto Test Strips are a medical-grade, cost-effective, non-invasive, and easy-to-use tool that can help you decide if your diet is working.Accurate in early ketosisUrine test strips are most accurate for early ketosis testing when urine ketone levels tend to be highest.For dietary adjustmentsKnowing how deep you are in ketosis can help you decide when to make adjustments to your diet. Reached deep ketosis? Feel free to include more carbs. Only mild ketosis? You may want.

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