6 Pack Mens 100% Cotton Socks

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Mens 100% Cotton Socks

Every man needs a pair of super comfortable and practical socks in his life, and these 100% cotton socks provide just that! When it comes to comfort, everyone agrees that the best bet is cotton as of its natural softness and moisture wicking. These socks are fully ribbed to help keep them up, and are great for everyday wear, or as light, thin pair of formal socks. Everyday technology for any mans feet!

These premium quality socks are 100% Cotton which means that they are extra soft and comfortable, making them perfect for wearing for long days at work or around the house. You won't suffer with any nasty irritation while wearing these socks, and they will make sure that you are comfortable as you can be! As of their cotton content these socks are breathable and will help keep feet cool and fresh. This means there is less risk of socks becoming uncomfortable and also means there is less chance of blistering. These socks also have a loose top, which ensures that you do not end up with any nasty constriction rings around your legs after prolonged use.

These socks are a size 6-11 UK and are available in two colour variations; Black and an assortment of brown/beige.

Extra Product Details

- 6 Pairs
- 100% Cotton
- Size 6-11 UK or 11-14 uk
- 2 Colours
- Super soft
- Extra comfort
- Moisture wicking
- Ribbed design
- Casual or formal wear
- Loose top
- No irritation

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